Did you know there are over 3000 Hopper paintings at the Whitney Museum of American Art? No? Neither did I until the museum recently Tweeted about it. I’m glad they did because he’s one of my favourite artists. I love the emptiness and silence his paintings convey, especially in this one, called Early Sunday Morning painted in 1930, showing shops and businesses along New York’s Seventh Avenue just after sunrise. You can see it on display as part of the museum’s first exhibition – America is Hard To See – in its new Renzo Piano-designed downtown location which opens on 1st May.

How many Hoppers have you seen at the Whitney? What’s your favourite?

Also… Join Whitney curator, Carter Foster, on a ‘walking’ tour of some of the sights in New York City that inspired Hopper, here or discover Hopper’s birthplace and childhood home – now a museum – in the town of Nyack an hour north of Manhattan in the Hudson Valley, here.

(Photo credit: Whitney Museum of American Art)

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