The Bit About Me

Hello! My name is Ellie Seymour and I’m a magazine writer, author and blogger based in Brighton, England.

My mum took me to New York in 1995 for the first time (you can read more about that here) and I instantly fell madly in love with the city. Ever since this holiday, I visit New York once or twice a year to get my fix and I’m pretty much always planning my next trip.

When I’m there, I love discovering the city’s small backstreets and hidden local haunts, and much prefer quirky, independent establishments to big glitzy chains – although I’ll make the odd exception like my ‘First night in New York trip up the Empire State building’. When I’m not there, I love keeping up with what’s going on; culture, events, stories, that kind of thing, and delving into its history books.

I started this blog as a way to share all the New York-related things I find. Instead of an overarching guide, this blog features my personal favourites and discoveries, and anything else that catches my eye.

Since my first trip, I’ve visited over 15 times since and counting – as a backpacker, for New Year (wouldn’t recommend it), Thanksgiving with friends, to see spring time and autumn, for Christmas shopping… and the odd work assignment.

I hope you find my blog entertaining and useful! I love getting reader emails and will try my best to respond to all of them, so feel free to email me any time.


Why should I read your blog?

Whether you’re planning a trip to New York or live in the city, my blog is a place to share ideas and inspiration on the greatest city on earth.

But you don’t live in New York?

You’re right, I don’t live in New York. I do not have a better knowledge of the city than a local could. What I do have is a lot of passion and curiosity for the city and travel in general, which motivates me to always want to read about what’s going on in New York, where’s good to go, and talk the people of the city to inspire my holidays, because I enjoy it so much.

Do you take sponsored posts?

Yes, I’m happy to consider sponsored posts, so feel free to contact me here.

Will you feature my product?

I can’t promise to feature your product, but feel free to contact me here.

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