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Bill Cunningham was the street-style photographer for the New York Times. He’s was a hilarious, eccentric character who rode around New York City on a Schwinn bike, capturing fabulous people with his camera. A documentary was made about him a few years ago and if I want to jump into the New York mood, I’ll put it on. Here’s the trailer if you’ve not seen it before.

It’s out on DVD – you can buy it here and here. Or you can watch it on Netflix.

Check out Bill’s latest On The Street and Evening Hours columns for The New York Times, here

(Photo via: First Thought Films)


  1. Fascinating man and brilliantly made documentary. I found his drive and creative eye inspirational, New York lover or not, this is a must see. Thanks for finding it for me.

    • EllieSeymour Reply

      Hi Dan – I agree, you don’t have to love NY to love Bill Cunningham. I can’t wait to see the new documentary about Iris Apfel either – there’s post on my blog under the ‘fashion + beauty’ header. Hope you enjoy!

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