please touch the art

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see a new art installation featuring sprinkler fountains, colourful quirky benches and a mirror maze. It’s called Please Touch the Art by Danish artist, Jeppe Hein, and is scattered around Brooklyn Bridge Park. The Mirror Labyrinth is designed to encourage people to loosen up and not feel self-conscious.

Please touch the art mirror maze

please touch the art mirror maze

The ‘Modified Social Benches’ which are scattered everywhere throughout the park, come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, like the one above, wrapped around tree, while others are round or bendy. The shape as well as bright colour makes them enticing to touch and sit on.

please touch the art modified benches brooklyn


Finally we went searching for the Appearing Rooms, a fountain of sprinklers that become four rooms of shooting water. They weren’t on when I was there sadly, but I’ve seen them outside London’s Hayward Gallery on the Southbank and here’s how it works: Only one room of sprinklers turns on at once for a few seconds or so. When they turn off, you jump out or into the next room, without getting wet. Although, you never really know when it’s going to switch back on, or which room will be next, so it’s likely you’ll get wet.

please touch the art fountains

Find out more about Please Touch The Art here.

(Photos via Public Art Fund or my own.)



  1. Is the water fountain the same as the one on London’s South Bank? It looked fun.

  2. I particularly love the bright red of the installations and the bench with the tree “growing through” it! I’ll take time out to visit this outdoor art on my forthcoming visit to Brooklyn. Thanks.

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