An Illustrated Guide to the Windows of New York

by Ellie Seymour

It might be a little flower box on a grimy ledge, a flickering neon sign, or a pet cat that catches the eye of Mexican illustrator, José Guízar, who has become obsessed with documenting the windows of New York since moving to the city a year ago. He started The Windows of New York project as a way of celebrating the city’s quirky architecture and as a challenge to himself not to stop looking up and appreciating his new surroundings. Every time he draws a new window, he uploads it to his website which I’ve had a little flick through to pick out a few of my favourites:

837-7th 211-avenue-a 371-broome 209-e-17 50-w-17 7-horatio 113-thompson 92-christopher 100-1st 962-lexington 94-bank 160-chambers 852-10th 675-9th 461-w-47th 430-broome 308-canal 199-e-4th

You can see all the drawings here.

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