Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel – the Trailer!

by Ellie Seymour
woody allen wonder wheel movie poster

I can’t wait to see Woody Allen’s next – 50th?, 60th?, 70th maybe? – film Wonder Wheel, a nostalgic Mafia drama-type movie set in 1950s Coney Island which comes out soon, and looks exciting and beautiful…

It stars Justin Timberlake as a wannabe writer living in Greenwich Village and working as a lifeguard who falls for a mobster’s wife, Kate Winslet. A few of The Sopranos gang are thrown in for good mobster measure and A New York Times article describes it as his most “New York City-centric movie in years”. Until it comes out in the US on 1 December, later in the UK, here’s the trailer to get you in the mood:

Psst! These Annie Hall posters.

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