As all my friends and family are well aware, I’m pretty obsessed with New York, thanks to my mum (you can read more here). Since my first trip in 1995, I’ve been lucky enough to have visited over 15 times and counting – as a backpacker, to celebrate New Year, experience Thanksgiving with friends, console Dad after mum died, to witness the spring time and fall, for Christmas shopping… you name it – as well as for work. I try to visit at least twice a year and I’m always… as my tagline says, ‘planning my next trip’.

I love to make the most of every minute I spend in New York, so I’m BIG on research. Pre-holiday – and generally all the time – I get a little over-excited scouring the web, reading travel guides, the New York newspapers, and finding out the latest from my friends in the city to inspire my next itinerary. I read voraciously on the history of the city, books set in the city, by New York writers and on American history in general. So I figured – together with my writing experience – I could turn this research into an interesting, useful and inspiring source of information for visitors, and hopefully even locals.

So, what can you expect? Daily posts including day-to-night itinerary inspiration, restaurant, cafe, bar and hotel spotlights, book reviews, nostalgia features, sneak peeks, first looks, event previews, interviews with New Yorkers who share their favourite neighbourhood haunts, as well as shopping lists, gift guides… – anything to inspire your next trip to, and interest in, the greatest city on earth.

I hope you find my blog useful as well as entertaining and funny at times, and you enjoy reading!

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