prohibition bakery new york on my mind blog

If like me, you find yourself growing a little bored with all the usual cupcake bakeries these days (no more red velvet!), you might like to know I’ve stumbled on a sweet-smelling cure to cupcake fatigue and surviving an action-packed day in New York City…

prohibition bakery new york on my mind blog

It’s called The Prohibition Bakery and you’ll find it tucked away under a tattoo parlour in a cosy basement shop on the Lower East Side. This urban food gem speakeasy bakery is the creation of two hard-working New Yorkers, Brooke Siem and Leslie Feinberg, whom we might call proud members of the ‘it’s OK to drink before midday’ club.

speakeasy bakery new york on my mind blog

Brooke is a classically trained chef and Leslie a lifelong baker and long-time bartender. Together they whip up small batches of miniature life-saving cupcakes in flavours such as Snowball, Old Fashioned, White Russian, Pretzels & Beer, Penicillin and Mulled Wine. You can look at the menu here.



speakeasy bakery new york on my mind blog


They bake most of their cakes to order, but the shop’s aways stocked with a few flavours for those in need of a spontaneous sweet hit. Here’s the best part: each cake is infused with a healthy dose of everyone’s favourite alcoholic beverages – they won’t actually sell you a cake if you’re not carrying your (over 21) ID.




The shopfront’s so teeny tiny you could easily walk past it if it wasn’t for their genius Prohibition Bakery chalkboard – which the girls say is like a Twitter feed for sidewalks, their amusing comments posted daily on Instagram and Facebook together with drool worthy pictures of their cakes.


You’ll find the Prohibition Bakery at 9 Clinton Street, New York.

Meet the girls from the Prohibition Bakery with Edible Manhattan.


  1. I’ll certainly be heading for Clinton Street to seek out this gem in the near future!

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