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I love this idea: Brooklyn photographer, Katherine Wolkoff’s series of deer bed pictures are inspired by the shapes the animals leave behind in the grass after sleeping. Apparently they press down into the grass to make a bed where predators won’t see them. Here’s the story behind them. “My mother’s a naturalist and she mentioned them to me one day,” Katherine explains. “She has a house on Block Island where there are lots of deer, so I took a walk through the meadows and started following the paths the deer make and came upon the beds,” she says. “It was a very poetic experience! I felt as if the beds were still warm – that the living, breathing animal had just departed.” She chose to make the prints 40×50 inches, almost life size. It would have been stunning to see these pictures in person when they were on show at the Sasha Wolf Gallery recently.

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(Photo credits: Katherine Wolkoff)

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