New York’s Smallest Coffee Shop

by Ellie Seymour
abraco nyc east village

If you find yourself lost or stranded in the East Village in need of coffee and a friendly face, this miniscule standing-room-only/elbows-in storefront espresso bar, Abraço is where you need to go. It’s one of the most convivial coffee shops in New York; a neighbourhood institution people come to for coffee and a friendly dose of barista banter and there’s always a long queue outside. If you arrive at Abraço in a bad mood, it’s guaranteed you’ll leave feeling happy again.

abraco nyc queue Abraco nyc inside barista abraco nyc jamie abraco nyc espresso

You never leave with just a coffee either. Tasty looking food floods out of its cupboard-sized kitchen too tempting to resist you’ll end up staying for breakfast, grabbing a pastry or bowl of soup…

cake cabinet Abraco nyc abraco nyc biscuits abraco nyc pastries abraco pastries pastry+6 pastry+8

Find Abraço at 86th East 7th Street, East Village.

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