I may or may not have a weakness for cheese, so the fact I usually stay down the street from Murray’s, the most incredible cheese shop in New York, is fabulous and dangerous at the same time. The shop is packed with incredible cheeses, meats, chocolates, breads and ice creams, and the cheesemongers are geniuses (and give samples!).

Murray cheese bleeker street new york city

Murray's cheese bleeker street new york city



I always go in when I’m visiting New York, but this time around, I signed up for a cheese-tasting class, one that would arm me with the knowledge to approach a cheese counter and create a cheese board.

murray's cheese tasting bleeker street new york city

murray's cheese bleeker street

murray's cheese bleeker street new york city

ellie seymour cheese 101 murrays cheese on bleeker street

The wine flowed as our witty host and cheese expert, Dan Belmont, talked us through Murray’s favourite cheeses from seven well-known families.

Dan Belmonte Murray's cheese bleeker street new york city

Cheese 101 Murrays cheese Bleeker Street New York City

The best part? Finding out that blue cheese tastes far better with Spoonable butterscotch sauce and Zimbro with Anarchy in a Jar’s Grapefruit and Smoked Salt Marmalade.

You’ll find Murray’s Cheese course calendar here.

(Photography by Bekka Palmer)


  1. Lyall Pratt Reply

    I really like the look of Murrays. As a connoisseur of excellent cheese, I will seek out this establishment as a matter of high priority on my next trip to New York. Thanks for bringing Murrays to my notice.

  2. Thanks for mentioning us in this post, Ellie. I’m so glad you enjoyed our Brooklyn Butterscotch, and Murray’s is a pretty spectacular place!

  3. The post is great, Ellie! Glad you had such a good time – thanks for the kind words. It was a pleasure hosting you.

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