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Vintage-style New York City Guides Written by Locals

What are your go-to New York guidebooks? When I’m travel planning I tend to read local blogs and websites (like this one and this one) and magazines (like this one). But I’m loving the sound of this beautifully designed collection of New York City guides written by locals. There are 7 in total and each ... Keep reading

A Secret of Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station has a little secret. Inside, you’ll find what’s called a whispering gallery and here’s how it works. Walk along the corridor outside the famous Oyster Bar & Restaurant where you’ll see four low arches, built by a father and son back in 1913… If you and a friend stand at diagonal corners ... Keep reading

New York’s Smallest Coffee Shop

abrazo new york

If you find yourself lost or stranded in the East Village in need of coffee and a friendly face, this miniscule standing-room-only/elbows-in storefront espresso bar, Abraço is where you need to go. It’s one of the most convivial coffee shops in New York; a neighbourhood institution people come to for coffee and a friendly dose ... Keep reading

A 1920s Hotel Lobby Hidden in an Upper West Side Apartment

1920 apartment hidden

A film location scout in New York has discovered a beautiful 1920s hotel lobby hidden in an Upper West Side apartment – behind the beautiful Ansonia building – at 253 West 73rd Street. The entrance might look like a typical building lobby on first look, with a desk to one side, an alcove with mailboxes ... Keep reading

The Met Museum has a Seriously Impressive Shoe Collection

Ferragamo shoe The Met

Just in case you were worried you had an out-of-control shoe habit, here’s something to make you feel better. The Costume Institute at the Met Museum of Art owns 5000 pairs – that’s 2000 more pairs than the famous Philippino First Lady shoe hoarder, Imelda Marcos’s who owned 3000. Dating as far back as the ... Keep reading

New York City’s Best-Kept Secrets: 8 Locals Share their Favourite Spots

On the surface, New York is a big, brash, impersonal concrete jungle full of dirt, noise – and lots of people who walk really fast. But behind this harsh exterior, look closely, because there’s a quirkier side full of special places that reveal so much about its history, character and people. I’m always curious to ... Keep reading

A Nostalgic Guide to Finding Old New York

I love finding out about new restaurants, exhibitions and things to do in New York, but there’s something exciting about hunting out old New York, those lesser known gems only the locals know about – it might be a dusty old bookshop, a leafy hidden square, a time-worn diner, a deli institution, an ‘old-money’ hotel ... Keep reading