Someone has Drawn all the Buildings in New York

by Ellie Seymour

If like me, you are obsessed with New York and love that childlike sketch book-style line drawing kind of art, I suspect you’ll enjoy the work of James Gulliver Hancock, an illustrator currently based in Brooklyn, originally from Australia.

James is SO enthusiastic for the architectural beauty in his adopted home, he set himself the impossible task of drawing ALL the buildings in New York – like you do. He started in 2010 and insists it’s a work in progress, but there are still a mind-boggling number of illustrations to browse through on his blog.

I’ve tried hard to narrow down my favourites but it’s an impossible task so I think the thing to do is for you to just buy his new book for your coffee table. But first, let’s take a tour of James Gulliver Hancock’s New York:

jgh_town_therushmore-833x1024 jgh_town_231_warrenst_brooklyn-715x1024 jgh_town_175ludlow-682x1024 jgh_town_57mercerstreet-857x1024 jgh_town_33irvingplace jgh_town_26vandamst_2-650x1024 jgh_allthebuildings_strandbooks_2-682x1024 jgh_allthebuildings_140west71st-1024x831 jgh_82janest-742x1024 ADD_jgh_town_401-Bleecker-Street-837x1024 611_broadway jgh_101diamondstreet-732x1024 jgh_town_grandarmyplaza-844x1024 jgh_town_hellskitchen-754x1024 jgh_town_147WaverlyPlace-760x1024 jgh_allthebuildings_115rivington_preview jgh_town_1madisonpark-745x1024 jgh_town_22MercerStreet jgh_399lafayettest_nyc_crop jgh_town_175w12th_a jgh_town_tempo jgh_town_22MercerStreet jgh_acehotel_final jgh_205_3rdave

He even sketched the fire escapes…


The Williamsburg Bridge…

williamsburg bridges

This is what happened when he ran out of paper…


You can visit James Gulliver Hancock’s site here.

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