Grand Central Station has a little secret. Inside, you’ll find what’s called a whispering gallery and here’s how it works.


Walk along the corridor outside the famous Oyster Bar & Restaurant where you’ll see four low arches, built by a father and son back in 1913…



If you and a friend stand at diagonal corners of the arches (so you’re the farthest apart you can be), and whisper softly, you’ll be able to HEAR each other – as clearly as if you were whispering into each other’s ears.


“The voice actually follows the curvature of the ceiling,” says urban historian Justin Ferate. It’s called “telegraphing.” Last time we were in New York we tried it, and it really works!


    • Ooops forgot to reply. It actually works… we tried it last time we were there and it’s quiet spooky. You can hear the other person’s voice so clearly.

  1. I’m intrigued and have added this experience to my to do list for my next visit to Manhattan.

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