The East Village Home Design Shop You Could Live In

You could browse the homewares at Crate and Barrel, but if you’re looking for a more memorable, off-the-beaten path shopping experience during your visit to New York, here’s something you might like…

John derian east village

If I had to choose a shop to live in, it would probably be John Derian. It’s my favourite recent New York discovery and the most whimsical design shop you’re ever likely to come across in the city – perhaps even the world. This inspiring home design emporium is spread across three neighbouring shops and you’ll find them tucked down a quiet leafy side street in the East Village.

John Derian New York John Derian New York John Derian New York6

Stepping inside the world of John Derian is like being transported to another time and place; into your imaginary intrepid uncle’s eclectic home or your elegant aunt’s Paris apartment, perhaps.

John Derian New York3 John Derian New York4 John Derian New York15 John Derian New York17 John Derian New York16

Each shop is an organised chaos of plates and platters, scented candles, paperweights and coasters, cheeky art books, bowls and ephemera, rugs, throws, colourful textiles, art and furniture. There’s so much to look at you could easily lose a morning browsing around, making a mental note of all the things you’d like to buy.

John Derian New York13 John Derian New York11 John Derian New York12 John Derian New York10

It’s a shop full of a feeling of nostalgia and the evocative décor has clearly taken years to establish. In fact, John Derian opened the shop 18 years ago built on his signature decoupage plates and paperweights that feature flowers, frogs, ships and gorgeous typography.

John Derian New York 21 John Derian New York 20 John Derian New York9

If you’re interested in finding out more about John Derian, his work and how it all started, here’s a little behind-the-scenes video of him at work in his studio:

Find John Derian at 6 – 10 East Second Street, between Second Avenue and the Bowery.

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