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Meet the Ghosts of Ellis Island

Ghosts of Ellis Island

Ellis Island in New York was once the gateway to America for over 12 million immigrants between 1892 and 1954 – but only those healthy enough to pass checks at the island’s cavernous hospital complex which opened in 1902. French street artist, JR, and illustrator, Art Spiegelman have collaborated to create a photo book that ... Keep reading

Five Exhibitions I Can’t Wait to See

de ribes costume institute

1) Jacqueline de Ribes – The Art of Style, The Costume Institute Around 60 stunning haute couture, ready-to-wear, and famous fancy-dress creations from French aristocrat-turned-fashion-designer-and-icon, Jacqueline De Ribes’s wardrobe dating back to the 1950s are the subject of the Costume Institute’s autumn exhibition which celebrates her stylish life. From 19 November – 21 February 2016. ... Keep reading

Meet New York’s Fashion Grandpas

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 15.52.45

This is why instagram is amazing: here’s an account dedicated entirely to hunting out the fabulous ‘fashion grandpas’ of NYC, started by young Fashion PR exec, Christina Belchere, who says her own style of dressing has even been influenced by the grandpas she snaps. “@FashionGrandpas inspires my personal style, the style advice is real & ... Keep reading

New York City’s Suburbs in Beautiful Black and White


Why do suburbs get a raw deal? I’m not just talking New York. London, Paris, Rome, Sydney… even in my hometown of Brighton which is small enough to walk from one end to another just about, people overlook them; some shudder at the thought of them, even. This is why photographer William Meyers is special. ... Keep reading

The Met Museum has a Seriously Impressive Shoe Collection

Ferragamo shoe The Met

Just in case you were worried you had an out-of-control shoe habit, here’s something to make you feel better. The Costume Institute at the Met Museum of Art owns 5000 pairs – that’s 2000 more pairs than the famous Philippino First Lady shoe hoarder, Imelda Marcos’s who owned 3000. Dating as far back as the ... Keep reading

The Hamptons Hair Salon Inside a Retro Trailer


Hair stylists Ric Pipino and Gil Haziza’s Hairstream NYC is a mobile salon in a vintage Airstream trailer, parked up at The Capri Hotel in Southampton. To me, it’s SO The Hamptons although I’ll admit I have zero evidence of this having not actually been there! But it fits in with what I think it’s ... Keep reading

Empire State Building light show


For three hours last Saturday night, the Empire State Building was used a backdrop for a dramatic light show which saw the faces of 160 endangered animals, and Cecil the Lion, beamed onto its facade using 40 projectors. The spectacle was the result of a collaboration between the Oceanic Preservation Society and the filmmakers behind ... Keep reading

Five Ways to Survive the New York City Subway

mastering the new york subway

When it comes to navigating the New York City Subway, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. I’ve ended up on an Express train by accident, been caught up in weekend line closures, gone in the wrong entrance countless times over and headed Uptown when I wanted to go Downtown. I’ve done it all! But ... Keep reading

A Curious Pocket Guide to the High Line

the high line field guide pocket guide

As someone who tries to write a guide to New York, enjoys searching for off-beat places among other things, and likes the idea that travel isn’t about where you go but how to see the world, I can seriously relate to the language of this curious pocket guide to the High Line. I guess you ... Keep reading

Oh, So This is What People are Reading on the Subway…

reading on the subway

In her brilliant blog, the Underground New York Public Library, Ourit Ben-Haim takes pictures of people reading on the subway – everything from The Great Gatsby to Star Wars to the Bible. The photos are beautifully crisp and the readers always look completely engrossed. (Above: The Harvard Psychedelic Club: How Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston ... Keep reading